DJ Timeless

DJ Timeless has been blowing up the airwaves on one of Barbados’ top radio stations – 98.1 The One where he steps into his weekly programme “The Fun Factory Show.” Rated highly amongst the best DJ’s in the island, Timeless brings the party alive with the music he plays and with the energy he radiates… he says his gigs always have “the kind of energy that I want to last till the end of time, one that is Timeless”.

DJ Timeless started his Disc Jockey career fifteen years ago when he first saw the magic being created on turntables and fell in love with the art.  This motivated him to perfect and put his unique spin to the art. His uniqueness is not only evident in the way that he plays but also in his crowd interaction, smooth voice and excellent music selection.

Born June 30th, he grew up in northern parish of St Lucy, Barbados. He often jokes that there is no doubt DJ Timeless is “used to being on the top of his game”.

The term ‘timeless’ means eternal and ageless and that is why the name best suits him. He plays for all ages and is never ever stuck in one era. Timelessness also conjures images of the feeling of bliss… the same feeling this fantastic DJ has when he performs, is the same feeling he feels obligated to pass to all persons in earshot. He equates this feeling to being spiritual and he reminds all that his art was a gift and something that comes from deep inside and not just a fluke.

DJ Timeless – He has that special element that brings the right vibe at the right time through the right music.





WhatsApp: 1246-696-3327