Kanye West Announces 2024 Presidential Run After Winning 57K Votes

Kanye West may be conceding the presidential race this year, but he is keeping his political ambition alive. The rapper has announced his plan to run for president again in 2024 after reportedly winning more than 57,000 votes in the November 3 election.

The Yeezy designer’s name appeared on the ballot in 12 states and notched more than a thousand votes in all of the contests, according to preliminary tallies by The Associated Press. In Colorado, the 43-year-old got nearly 6,000 votes in a state that went to Joe Biden. In another state that went to the Democratic presidential nominee, Vermont, the GOOD Music founder got more than 1,200 votes.

Ye earned 3,979 votes in Arkansas, 2,309 votes in Idaho, 3,179 votes in Iowa, 6,259 votes in Kentucky, 4,837 votes in Louisiana, 6,796 votes in Minnesota, 3,009 votes in Mississippi, 5,587 votes in Oklahoma, 10,188 votes in Tennessee and 4,053 votes in Utah, according to the preliminary tallies.

The sum may not be enough to challenge the top two candidates of this year, Biden and Donald Trump, but Kanye has apparently had a long plan for his goal to the White House. Responding to the current election results, he tweeted on late Tuesday, “WELP KANYE 2024.”

Earlier that day, Kanye took to Twitter to post videos and photos showing him casting his vote at a poling booth in Wyoming. He revealed that he wrote his own name as President with Michelle Tidball as Vice President. “KEEP BELIEVING KANYE 2020 Thank you Jesus Christ,” he captioned one of videos.


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