Cardi B’s Daughter, 2, Gets an Instagram Account — and Already Has Over Half a Million Followers

Kulture Kiari has broken onto the social media scene.

Cardi B debuted her 2-year-old daughter’s very own Instagram account over the weekend, reposting some of the first images shared to Kulture’s feed and inviting her fans to “Follow @Kulturekiari new IG … soo much cool bute [sic] baby stuff coming up 🎀🌸.”

Although the toddler’s verified account was only created two days ago, she has already racked up almost 700,000 followers, as well as tons of likes and comments on the various photos and videos of her showing off her outfits, swimming in a pool, matching with Mom and more.

“Hey babyyyyy!!!! You look so beautiful!!! 😻😻😻my sweet smart angel 💖💖💖 i loveeee youuuuu! 😚😚😘💘💝,” Cardi B’s sister Hennessy Carolina commented on one video of her niece rocking a “KULTURE” necklace and carrying a mini Louis Vuitton purse.

In one clip, Kulture even already appears to know how the platform works, watching a video and double-tapping it to give it a like. “On my Instagram making sure my mommy don’t post nothing embarrassing on my page,” read the funny caption on the video.

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