Tommy Lee Sparta Released From Jail Amid “Informer” Label Following Police Raid

Tommy Lee Sparta is a free man.

The Mobay deejay was released from the Freeport Police lockup on Monday (August 17) after being behind bars for the past six weeks. The “Spartan Angel” deejay’s release comes on the heels of police seemingly suggesting that he has been cooperating with them and allegedly provided key information that aided in them making several arrests over the past several weeks. This assertion has the potential to damage Tommy Lee Sparta’s career if he’s branded as a police informant, “Informer,” the equivalent to being a snitch in hip hop culture.

Tommy Lee Sparta’s attorney, Ernest Smith, confirmed that the dancehall star was not charged with a crime, and was released as the government mandated State of Emergency (SOE) was lifted on Monday. The dancehall deejay previously appeared in court on three occasions for a tribunal that saw numerous delays. Smith noted that the tribunal ultimately ruled that Tommy Lee, whose real name is Leroy Russell, should be released from jail or be charged with a crime, even if SOE did not come to an end.

Tommy Lee Sparta is calling for peace in his hometown amid a recent flare up of violence that claimed the lives of many even injuring dancehall star Rygin King, who is currently recovering in a hospital. “The violence that has plagued sections of Montego Bay, in his words, should stop, must stop,” Smith relayed the deejay’s words.

Is Tommy Lee Sparta an informer?

Tommy Lee has had the full pressure of the law against his neck since being held for questioning on Jul 8 to answer questions surrounding the Sparta Gang that operates out of Montego Bay. The police are claiming to have successfully dismantled the deadly Sparta Gang through key evidence from one of their detainees. Last month, Tommy Lee Sparta was taken on a police raid where law enforcement officials took him to several locations across Kingston and St. Andrew where several wanted men were arrested and guns seized.

Fans have expressed deep disdain in the police painting the artiste as an informer. While speaking with the Jamaican Star, a source from inside the Jamaica Constabulary Force revealed that they are getting “amazing intelligence,” leading to their units pre-empting the actions of the criminals.

“We have been getting amazing intelligence and we now believe we have a clear picture of what has been going on in the community and the persons who have been driving the violence, which we have linked to violent incidents in Washington Boulevard, downtown Kingston and Mountain View in the Corporate Area,” he said.

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