Lil’ Kim And Mr. Papers Set To Join OnlyFans

Lil’ Kim and Mr. Papers are going to be the next celebrity couple to jump on the bandwagon of joining OnlyFans. The New York City rapper has revealed that she and her boyfriend are in talks to sign up for the content-subscription service.

During a live interview with Fat Joe, the “Big Momma Thang” raptress said she had been approached to join the the platform, which is known for its racy content, before, but she didn’t feel like signing up at the time. She, however, has changed her mind now that she’s reunited with Mr. Papers.

“We are a freaky, kinky couple, we LOVE it and we just love just love having fun,” the Queen Bee teased. “And we’re in talks with them [OnlyFans]. They reached out to me a while ago and it wasn’t time. Now it makes senses with me and my hubby,” she added.

Lil’ Kim’s statement also serves as a confirmation to the status of her relationship with Mr. Papers as she called him “hubby,” though they’re not necessarily married. The two have sparked speculation about their reconciliation since the end of her romance with The Great Leader in May.

In the following months, Lil’ Kim and Mr. Papers have been seen together several times on his social media posts. In July, he dropped a hint at the status of their relationship during his interaction with her fan on Instagram and teased that they might be trying for baby No. 2.

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