Buju Banton Celebrates Reggae Music With Fat Joe On International Reggae Day

Buju Banton was all reggae music vibe during his discussion with rapper Fat Joe on Instagram Live as they mark International Reggae Day.

Jamaican music legend Buju Banton has been busy since his return to the scene in 2019. He released his long-anticipated studio album Upside Down 2020 to much fanfare last Friday, squeezing in a host of tour dates for his Long Walk to Freedom series plus a few appearances before the pandemic forced us all indoors. Late last night, the “Champion” crooner sat down with Puerto Rican hip-hop veteran Fat Joe on his weekly IG Live, ‘The Fat Joe Show’. The two reminisced about the high points they’ve had in their decades long friendship “in the boogie down Bronx back in the early days” as well as the “euphoric” feeling the Gargamel had when he finally returned to the stage.

The conversation also covered some sore points and problems that still plague the music industry today. Touching on the topic of culture vultures and reggae’s global contribution to music, Buju Banton got cross and critical of those who sample the genre without giving proper credit or paying their dues.

When Fat Joe commented on the well-known fact that “Reggaeton music emerged from Reggae”, Buju Banton was reproachful, responding “Ye, and that is why sometimes you hear me vent because the Reggaeton brothers do not even pay homage to the source, you know what I mean, and they’ll take everything and act like they trying to rewrite history. Well go ahead and take what you want to take because Rasta got soul,” he said laughing, cleverly referencing the title of his 9th studio album of the same name.

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