Marques Houston Addresses Reports His Fiance Miya Was A Minor When They Started Dating

Marques Houston is pushing back against reports he started dating his now fiance Miya Dickey when she was a minor.

Marques Houston is totally dismissing allegations that his fiancée was not of legal age when they started their affair. In March last year, Miya Dickey broke the news that she was marrying the “All Because of You” singer with a sweet post on Instagram that showed off her gorgeous ring. The pair had reportedly met at a Jehovah’s Witness convention and started off as friends before taking their relationship to the next level. Marques had previously been involved with Marlena Campbell for almost a decade, but not much is known about Miya’s romantic history. In fact, not much is known about her history at all, until now.

Fans certainly raised some eyebrows over the almost 20-year age gap between the lovebirds, but the couple themselves couldn’t seem happier as the bride-to-be even changed her name to “Miyana Houston” on Instagram in anticipation of the big day.

But now, allegations have arisen that not all was above board during their relationship… According to reports, the 19-year-old, who revealed on social media that her middle name was Juanita, could possibly be a teenager from Oregon who went missing four years ago at the age of 15. That would have made her underage when she and the Sister, Sister actor, began their romance.

Miya responded to the allegations by posting the words, “Let people judge you,” on her Instagram, and her fiancé has now had a word of his own. He told his IG followers that he met Miya through a mutual friend in 2018, but that the pair did not begin dating until she was legally an adult. “No one ever gets facts anymore, they just run with ‘stories’, but hey, I guess it comes with the territory,” the 38-year-old wrote. “So to all the rumours about me, none of it is true!”

Marques Houston further stated that everyone who he is close to loves Miya and that people should rather focus on other, more important issues at this time.

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