Bounty Killer Plans Peaceful Protest At Embassy

Bounty Killer says racism is why his visa was canceled ten years ago, plans to protest outside the US Embassy this weekend.

‘Justice delayed is justice denied’—that’s the gist of the upcoming peaceful protest as Jamaica joins the global outcry over inequality. The death of George Floyd in racially motivated circumstances has sparked a relentless movement of the world’s most affected peoples. On Saturday, June 6, it’s Jamaica’s turn to channel that collective energy into a clear, unequivocal message that enough is enough. The Caribbean nation is famous for its outspoken, anti-colonial messengers, from Cudjoe to the decorated, indomitable Robert Nesta Marley.

Since Independence, a pervasive culture of classism and colorism has set into the local psyche that is often preached about by scholars and musicians but hasn’t yet hit boiling point. Things could change this weekend when artistes, academics, and civilians will make their voices heard plainly “in solidarity with our families in the USA.”

Among those who’ve committed to attending is seasoned dancehall soldier, the ‘warlord’ himself, Bounty Killer, whose own experience with inequality has resulted in the denial of a US Visa to the veteran for over ten years. His fellow contender Beenie Man hints at his similar plight on his new single titled from the Verzuz anecdote “Do You Wanna Be That Guy?” which drops this Saturday.

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