Krystal Tomlinson, beau Beenie Man hit the gym to get rid of deejay’s now-famous belly

As promised, political aspirant Krystal Tomlinson has started partner Beenie Man on his first serious session of training on Monday (May25) after his belly became an overnight sensation during his Verzuz Battle with fellow deejay Bounty Killer.

Both Tomlinson and Beenie Man were both beaming after the Labour Day workout; the pair who have a child, Xiah together, are being trained by fitness guru Patrice J White.

The once-slender singjay was one half of the dancehall duo that showcased the best of Jamaican culture, but Beenie Man’s quarantine tummy was a hit for the hundreds of thousands of persons who tuned in for the entertaining two-hour Verzuz Battle.

Inundated with comments and queries, Kyrstal assured persons that they would start training on Labour Day. While his body might be against the sudden diet changes, which include cutting out pasta, Krystal is confident as the transformation progresses, Beenie Man will find the effort totally worth it.

“Three reasons I love working out with @patricejwhite: She doesn’t accept excuses. She’s relentless…unremitting! As long as she can find you she’ll show up AT YOUR FOOT ready to whoop your a$$,” Tomlinson began.

The reigning dancehall monarch took a lighter approach to his new lifestyle change, taking a jab at everyone who joked about his dad bod during Saturday’s historic Verzuz battle against rival-turned-friend Bounty Killer.

“The bullying can stop now. Seet deh, bright and early #WORKOUTMODE,” he captioned a similar photo standing beside Krystal.

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