Usher Angered Barbz For Saying Nicki Minaj Is A Product Of Lil Kim

Usher is getting some flack for saying that Nicki Minaj is a product of Lil Kim.

Trinidadian born rapper Nicki Minaj has some of the most loyal fans in the rap game. The Barbz are notorious for defending her majesty in any situation and at all costs, no matter who her rivals are. While it would be wrong to pinpoint R&B superstar Usher Raymond IV as a rival, he still felt the full force of Nicki’s troops after he made a statement while speaking to Verzuz coordinator Swizz Beatz.

After the fiercely fought battle between Ludacris and Nelly concluded, Swizz Beatz decided to chop it up with Usher to discuss the fact that his name was listed alongside Chris Brown as possible options for the next friendly battle. However, the discussion drifted to other battle ideas that were being mentioned on social media, which led Swizz to then mention the idea of Nicki Minaj versus Lil Kim. Usher shot the idea down, and the reasons threw the Barbz out of Wack. While responding to Swizz Beatz, he mentioned, “Yeah but you know, that’s… nah,” before concluding that “Nicki is a product of Kim.”

Sadly for Usher, the conversation quickly transitioned to another topic while he gave the response, so he was unable to expound on his stance. The matter of him not being able to explain was of no matter to the Barbz, since he already said she was less of a rapper than her archenemies.

“Usher paid 250k TWICE for a Nicki feature just to get on here and say Nicki is product of Kim……he just had to ruin the excitement!” – mentioned once person, taking into account Nicki’s verse on Usher 2010 track Lil Freak.

Another shared that Nicki’s musical muscle would flex harder than Kim’s. “Not even being biased but Nicki’s catalog would wash Kim,” he wrote.

“This fandom has been comparing wigs for decades because they know they can’t compare the music. Let it go I promise no one cares about wig comparisons anymore,” commented another Barb.

While the Barbz were quick to point fingers at Nicki’s rival, it should be noted that Nicki Minaj herself confessed to taking inspirations from Kim before they had their now decade long fallout.

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