Chadwick Boseman Spotted Walking With A Stick Amid Concerning Weight Loss

Chadwick Boseman is nowhere looking like his “Black Panther” character T’Challa nowadays. After sparking concerns among his fans over his drastic weight loss, the actor has now further worried everyone as he’s spotted walking with a stick.

The Marvel star was photographed out for a coffee run on Monday, April 27 in Los Angeles. Accompanied by his mom Carolyn, he was using a wooden walking stick and wearing a scarf around his face as a protective gear as he visited a cafe near his Los Feliz, CA home.

He donned a gray hoodie and used its hood to cover his head, leaving only his eyes and a handful of his hair visible under it. His skinny figure, however, was apparent from his thin waist and slender legs, which could be seen through his navy sweatpants.

Chadwick held a cardboard tray with a green smoothie and a cup of coffee in it. His mother, meanwhile, carried something, perhaps food, which was wrapped in a paper bag.

It’s unclear if the “Marshall” star used the walking stick as an accessory or to help him walk. People usually use that kind of stick for a strenuous hike.

Prior to this, Chadwick shocked fans with his super skinny and gaunt looks in a video where he announced his charity project for coronavirus relief effort. People were immediately worrying about his health, with one asking, “I hope your okay, your appearance has changed.” Another concerned follower similarly reacted, “Uuuhh Chadwick are you ok???!”

Some others were wondering if his dramatic weight loss is for a movie role. “Are you getting skinnier for a movie ?” a curious person asked. Also showing concern, someone else added, “I’m not liking this weight loss bro. I hope it’s for a movie role.”

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