Brittney Taylor Appears High On Live After Shading Rihanna

Brittney Taylor is among celebrities who keep their fans entertained during this quarantine period by holding an Instagram Live session. However, the reality TV star’s recent Live has successfully made a lot of people baffled as she appeared to be high on drugs while performing a dance routine.

During the session, Brittney was seen dancing to a ballad R&B music. At one point, the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star simply stared blankly to the camera before appearing to fall asleep. She quickly snapped out of it and started twerking to the music. Not stopping there, later during the Live, she grabbed a paper towel and started throwing it out as if it was money. She only stopped the session when her male friend told her to do so.

Those who tuned in for the Live were convinced that she was high at the time. “Y’all think she’s just high off a percent or something stronger?” one asked. “Coke is one hell of a drug,” another commented. Meanwhile, one other person accused her of being a hypocrite due to a tweet she posted years ago. In the said tweet, she shaded Rihanna for taking drugs in public.

Brittney might be referring to the infamous photos that showed her scooping what looked like weed off a man’s head during Coachella. People were quick to slam at the time, but she let them know that it didn’t bother her even in the slightest bit. “I’m crazy, and I don’t pretend to be anything else,” so the “Umbrella” singer said. She also blasted MTV over the headline that the company chose. “

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