Chris Brown Professes Love For Ammika Harris

Chris Brown seemingly cannot make up his mind about his feelings. Just days after he appeared to be missing his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, the 30-year-old singer/songwriter has professed his love for his baby mama Ammika Harris.

Ammika, who shares 4-month-old son Aeko Catori Brown with the Virgina-born artist, posted on Instagram on Sunday, April 12 a photo of her looking stunning while posing next to a bed. She simply captioned it with “Love.”

Chris then took to the comment section to publicly declare his love for her as he left a heart emoji, followed by another comment which read “YOU.” Those two comments being put together could mean that he said “love you” to Ammika.

Having been noticing Chris’ social media activities on recent days, people couldn’t help trolling the “Kiss Kiss” hitmaker for seemingly trying to win the heart of Ammika while he still can’t get over his former flame Karrueche.

“He’s undecided,” one user commented. Another similarly wrote, “He don’t know what he want.” A third critic trolled him, “He dont know which one he love. It depends on the day,” while someone else predicted, “He’ll be in Rihanna’s comments tomorrow.”

“Chris & his feelings be ALL OVER THE PLACE,” another user remarked. “Boys be so confusing,” one person said of Chris and his feelings, while another confused fan reacted, “After his account left a message na.”

Meanwhile, someone told Chris to leave his ex alone, writing, “smh, he needs to stop trying to move on if he’s not over her. i know it’s bothering that girl.”

Chris confused his fans as he recently left a comment underneath a fanmade video of his relationship with Karrueche. “Damn,” so the award-winning singer wrote in response to the video that was set to his 2015 song “Discover”. He eventually deleted his comment, before the video was removed from Instagram.

His confusing comments aside, he has been allegedly caught in a threesome with two other women. In a video which surfaced online a few days ago, some women could be heard giggling while showing a picture of a man who was believed to be CB lying on a bed. “This n***a was lit,” said one of them as the two continued to giggle in a car.

Internet users suspected that one of them was Lil Klava, who is apparently friends with Celina Powell. She also posted on Instagram Stories some videos of her hanging out and leaving CB’s house.

Later over the weekend, Klava denied the threesome speculation, claiming that all they did was get high on drugs. During an Instagram Live, she said she wasn’t alone that night because there were “mad b****s” too in his house. “I went to his studio, talked to him,” she said.

“So then I took some mushrooms, playing Mario Kart–like he has a whole arcade at his crib. And then they gave me ecstasy, Chris gave me ecstasy. He was doing whippets, I was doing whippets with him,” she went on detailing. Klava said that the “No Guidance” singer fell asleep on the couch after doing drugs with her sleeping next to him.

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