Erykah Badu Announces “Quarantine Concert Series” To Livestream From Her Home

The show must go on.

American singer-songwriter and record producer Erykah Badu is known internationally for being one of the most creative stars in the industry. Her unique style has wowed us for decades with gold and platinum albums under her belt, but her innovation is not just limited to her ideas in music.

Now in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and subsequent quarantine, we have again seen how creative Erykah can be. She has decided that “the show must go on” in response to a few of her shows, which were canceled. Seemingly not accepting the fate to miss the chance to perform for her many fans, the singer decided to tackle this problem virtually. Miss Badu took to Instagram to announce that she would be hosting a concert from her bedroom on a Livestream.

Alongside a video of her discussing the upcoming performance, Erykah wrote, “Apocalypse One: live interactive experiment from badubotron. This weekend. YOU CHOOSE THE Songs by poll. One $ to get in. 1 dollar,” she continued. “We gone pull it off. We gone be calm . You gone help me make it happen . Can’t do it without you. Stay tuned for details,” she said.

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