Lil’ Kim Almost Unrecognizable With Swollen Face At Floyd Mayweather’s Birthday Party

Lil’ Kim once again made people baffled over her different look when she attended Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s birthday party on Saturday, February 22. Spotted outside Boulevard 3 in West Hollywood, the veteran rapper was almost unrecognizable as her face was swollen and her pouty lips were even bigger than usual.

Kim’s appearance that night sparked a new speculation that she recently had more plastic surgeries performed on her face and body to improve her look. Some speculated that she might have had a Brazilian butt lift and new lip injections.

Not fans of Kim’s alleged new look, people weighed in on the alleged result of her recent plastic surgeries. “So sad. The original Kim was so cute! And she didn’t even know it,” one person said. Another echoed the sentiment, “Just a hot mess. So sad. She was naturally a pretty girl.”

Preferring Kim’s old look before her multiple plastic surgeries, someone else shared, “I remember when she first came to my attention, it was a big ass billboard in Times Square with her stooping. Everyone knows that picture. I was like wow she is so pretty. Now she doesn’t even look human, how sad.”

“She is proof that you can drive a person to hate themselves,” another chimed in. Other comments read, “She looks stuffed, tight, and uncomfortable all the time,” “Lil Kim got the permanent constipated face…” and “Enough with all the fuckin surgeries Kim.”

Some others blamed her shockingly different look that night on her makeup. “I hope it’s just bad makeup,” one wrote. Another person wrote a harsher comment, “Did a mortician do her makeup?? She looks f’king HORRIBLE.”

However, an entertainment blog had a different explanation regarding Kim’s unrecognizable appearance at Floyd’s party. Words are the “Lady Marmalade” singer “had a serious allergic reaction to shellfish during a Floyd Mayweather party, which caused her face and lips to become very swollen.”

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