Azealia Banks Accuses T.I. Of Throwing Her Down The Stairs, Says Meek Mill Did Kick Nicki Minaj

Azealia Banks slammed “men in hip hop.” She made some serious allegations against T.I., accusing him of threatening and assaulting her. She also came to Nicki Minaj’s defense following the latter’s Twitter war with Meek Mill.

“Men in hiphop can just be so fking dirty and evil sometimes,” Azealia wrote in her latest Instagram Stories. “I cannot fking understand WHY some of them do some of the s**t they do then delusionally try convincing themselves that they are good people.”

She continued, “T.I. is still sitting up there trying to convince himself and the public that he didn’t also threaten to cut my throat and push me down a flight of stairs. Yet wants to sit up there and act like the fking black savior.” She added, “Lmao yall rap n*as are actual GARBAGE.”

In another note, she told her followers to give Nicki Minaj a break. “Meek Mill absolutely kicked Nicki in her stomach.” She then criticized Jay-Z over his association with the Dream Chasers rapper, “I’m pissed at Jay-Z for always being the dirty na championing other dirty nas.”

She added, “Meek Mill absolutely needs to have his career ended. He is lying about not putting his hands on her.”

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