Chris Brown Says Incarcerated Dancehall Icon Vybz Kartel Is “Immortal”

Chris Brown sees incarcerated dancehall icon Vybz Kartel as the ultimate force in music, “Immortal.”

“He’s Immortal Now” was clearly the phrase of the day in Jamaica, America, and as far as the African continent. It seems things kicked off with Bryan Bigred Fox posting one of his usual videos of him singing along to a track. He has made quite a few Jamaican tracks in the past, but this time he decided to give Vybz Kartel’s hit “ADIADKING” a crack. It might have been the best decision he has ever made, as lo and beholds, Chris Brown himself re-posted his video and tagged Vybz Kartel. As you could have imagined, Bryan was over the moon, and who wouldn’t be?

Chris Brown has been a dancehall fan for quite some time, regularly linking with the likes of Elephant Man back in the mid-2000s. Even though Breezy and Kartel have not yet done an official collaboration, it seems the R&B singer is a huge fan of the Worl’boss. The crown king of the dancehall is loved worldwide and is still one of the most sought after dancehall acts, appearing on collaborations with the likes of Busta Rymes and many other international acts.

While Bigred’s rendition of the track was nice, Chris Brown’s re-post may have something to do with the actual song that listeners simply cannot get enough of. So far, we have seen the likes of vloggers, footballers, and fellow entertainers vibing to the track. To be honest, the track is pure fire and explicitly states and shows why Vybz Kartel is the beast of dancehall.

African dancehall act Shattawale could not let another day pass without dropping his video vibing the track as well. The green-haired deejay may have passed for hulk with the energetic performance he gave while sitting in his ride. He captioned his track, “I swear @vybzkartel makes me go maddddd #worlboss #Ghanagaza.”

Kartel replied with a strong explicit comment to show is appreciation, “ME BREDA[multiple fire emoji] WE IMMORTAL #shattamovement #gazanation.”

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