Beyonce Called ‘Arrogant’ For Not Giving Joaquin Phoenix Standing Ovation At Golden Globes

Having been praised for her gorgeous looks at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, Beyonce Knowles is now at the receiving end of online backlash over her reaction to Joaquin Phoenix’s win at the Sunday, January 5 gala. The R&B diva has been slammed for not giving the actor a standing ovation when he was named the winner of Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama for his title role in “Joker”.

Stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Reese Witherspoon, Ellen DeGeneres and Joaquin’s fiancee Rooney Mara, were seen standing up and cheering for Joaquin as he went onstage to accept the award. Meanwhile, Bey remained seated as the 45-year-old actor walked her by.

People later took to Twitter to call out Bey for not giving Joaquin the treatment that he deserved, with some calling her “rude” and “arrogant.” One remarked, “Out of respect, she should’ve stood up. Wtf.” Another added, “Pretty rude tbh.”

Someone else slammed the “Drunk in Love” hitmaker, “@beyonce You’re a joke for not standing up for Joaquin Phoenix. Understandable to make a statement. But that’s just poor sportsmanship for someone that actually deserved recognition. You’re entitled and arrogant. And as an actress you’re a joke. Smh. You ought to apologize to him.”

But many others have stood up for Beyonce, with one tweeting, “Beyonce sitting during the standing ovation for Joaquin Phoenix’s win is the type of energy I want to see from everyone in 2020.” Another argued that the 38-year-old singer didn’t stand up because her gown would have “been a pain to get out of her chair with and then gather it to sit down.”

One other tried to explain that Bey’s gown would get in Joaquin’s way as he walked through the crowded audience, that’s why she remained seated. “Let’s not create any mess here,” the said user tweeted. “She most likely didnt stand because she would be in way when he walked by. She smiled and clapped.”

When a reporter asked him about the process of preparing for his role in “Joker”, he snapped back, “Isn’t this old news? I think I’ve talked about this for six months. I mean, right? I feel like I answered these questions. You want to hear a different version of it? I can try to change it slightly, or what should I do?”

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