Trey Songz’s Mom Defends Son Amid Sexual Assault Lawsuit As More Women Speak Out Against Him

Trey Songz’s mother April Tucker has seemingly fired back at the woman who accused her famous son of sexual assault. April has no sympathy for the accuser, suggesting that the woman is a fake victim who went after the singer for money. “Victim stancing [skeptical face emoji],” she wrote the caption on her Instagram.

She posted this quote, “Abusive narcissistor victim? The real victim will search for help because they can’t stand the pain & suffering. The narcissist playing the role of the victim will seek pity with tales of the abuse they’ve endured. Their life seems is fine; there’s no pain, no abuse to overcome. Their only problem: they lost their meal ticket when the real victim got away.”

Trey Songz was sued by a Jane Doe for $10 million for allegedly sexually assaulting her in 2018 after she was invited by him to a Miami nightclub following a New Year’s Eve party at P. Diddy’s house. Despite the gravity of the accusations, Trey looked unbothered. He recently posted on his Instagram a happy picture in a club. He didn’t mention anything about his legal woes as he wrote, “Blessed. Stressed less.”

Following the lawsuit, a video surfaced and showed a woman recalling her encounter with the “Slow Motion” singer at a wedding party where he was allegedly being forceful. “He gave me the eye all night,” she said. “I go to the pool house and he’s at the door and pushed me against the wall and put his lips on my lips and was like, ‘let’s do this.’ “Another woman shared a similar story on Twitter. She was reportedly the fourth woman to speak out against Trey Songz. “I would tell a story about him but I don’t care for the attention. Just know Growing up I was an r&b fanatic, and now I don’t listen to none of his music anymore,” she wrote. “It’s doesnt matter I’m not going to say what happen. Just know she not lying. These people that you look up too really are gross asf.”

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