Lupita Nyong’o Explains Why Acting Can Be Isolating

Lupita Nyong’o has admitted acting can be an “isolating” profession without a strong support network.

The Oscar-winning star is incredibly private when it comes to her personal life, and told British Vogue magazine in an interview for her February 2020 cover feature she plans to protect it at all costs.

“Privacy is a commodity that is hard to come by…”, she noted.

The Kenyan-Mexican actress went on to explain her family and relationships are incredibly important to her due to her line of work, which she described as “time-consuming and intense”.

“With ‘Black Panther’, a lot of us were single. On ‘Little Monsters’, nobody was single. Everyone, when they’re done with their day’s work, wants to go home to their families, which makes a whole lot of sense,” the “Us” star considered. “When you don’t have that it’s very isolating.”

Despite fans speculating over potential relationships with both male and female stars, including Michael B. Jordan and Janelle Monae, Lupita told Vanity Fair earlier this year she believes it’s up to her to choose what she does and doesn’t share in the public domain.

“I feel like there’s parts of myself that I care to share and then there are parts that I don’t,” she said.

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