Jon B Canceled After Admitting To Lusting Over Then-Minor Beyonce

Singer Jon B has landed in hot water after a video surfaces online featuring the 1990s R&B singer admitting to ogling over Beyonce Knowles when she was still underage. In the video, Jon who is currently 45 years old, he was talking about his time working alongside Destiny’s Child and Jagged Edge in an interview.

In the video that went viral on Twitter, Jon could be heard saying, “And think about Beyonce in the beginning of her career, so I was like looking at 16-17-year-old and was like (gasp).” He, who was 23 years old at the time, continued while laughing, “I’m sorry, ’cause I was a grown man at the time so it was kind of wrong. But you know, you already know.”

“This is reminding me of Mathew’s story about Jagged Edge harassing Beyonce & Kelly on their Jon B tour,” a fan account who shared the video wrote in the caption. “Even Jon B is creepily admitting 2 sexually eyeing Bey when she was only 16y/o. IDK about JE but I know too many of these grown men are nasty af!”

“He should have kept this to himself,” one fan commented on the video, to which someone replied, “Right. The way he licked his lips too (puke emoji).”

However, someone apparently didn’t see the problem from Jon’s revelation. “What’s so ghastly about a 22 year old attracted to a 16/17 year old.. when you have couples like jay z and Beyonce 10 + years apart. I understand it’s not ‘legal’ but the girls didn’t dress nor act like they were average 16-17 year olds they purposely gave sex appeal,” asked the user.

One person blasted the user, “You trippin, they looked every bit of their age at 16-17. And the Jay Z/Beyonce comparison is off because she was grown when they start dating and got together.” Echoing the sentiment, another one added, “At 22, a person is a young adult. At 16/17, a person is still a kid. Maturity wise, the different between a 22 y/o and a 16/17 y/o is the difference between an 18 y/o and a 12 y/o. If a grown man knows a girl is underage, her clothing is no excuse for hitting on her.”

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