Alicia Keys Accused Of Manipulating Stepdaughter, Called ‘Disrespectful’ By Swizz Beatz’s Baby Mama

Swizz Beatz’s baby mama Jahna Sabastian is furious at Alicia Keys, accusing the singer of trying to manipulate her daughter. Alicia, who married Swizz in 2010, allegedly bribed the young girl to call her “Umi,” which means mother in Arabic.

“I am the only Mother to my child,” Jahna wrote on her Instagram. “I am the One raising her, who gave her life, British Citizenship, knowledge, and everything else. I am not only the biological mother, I am THE MOTHER. This will remain forever.”

“No one else will be called any kind of ‘mom’ name in English, Arabic, not an ‘Umi’ or anything else in other language by her,” Jahna said. “I will not let nobody bribe her and change her by using material things against me, iPhones and other things.”

Jahna didn’t directly mention Alicia, but she made it clear that her angry messages were directed at her daughter’s “stepparent.” She said in her next post, “It is disrespectful in regards to the mother, when the ‘stepparent’ does not even speak to the mother, yet tries to get the child to call them a name that means ‘mother.’ “

Jahna additinally claimed Alicia attempted “to overwrite what the mother [Jahna] allows or doesn’t allow the child to do on social media for example, without the mother’s consent.”

“On top of that to use this to manipulate the child against the mother, by attempting to overwrite what the mother considers to be the rightful thing in regards to discipline or nurturing,” she opened up. “When a step parent is bribing a child to manipulate them knowing this is not what the mother would agree with. It is simply wrong and sickening psychological manipulation of the child against the mother.”

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