Lizzo Says Rihanna Inspired Her To Expose Her Booty At Lakers Game

Lizzo says Rihanna is her inspiration.

The “Truth Hurts” singer has come under fire for putting on an X rated show at a recent NBA game in Los Angeles. Families made up the spectators that surrounded the court at the Lakers vs. Timberwolves game when Lizzo decided to drop it like it’s hot…while wearing a T-shirt dress and just underwear. The rapper gave onlookers a graphic peeked at her undergarment when she got down to twerk in a crouching position. It’s safe to say parents were probably livid. Luckily, producers quickly removed the artist’s live antics from the jumbotron and switched to a different camera.

Lizzo has been facing ongoing backlash since the unfortunate event on Sunday night. This morning the rapper shared via Twitter who inspired her. While I haven’t personally witnessed any other celebrity twerk in their underwear at a basketball game where children are present, Lizzo says Rihanna is her inspiration.

Taking to the popular social media outlet, Lizzo posted a video of Rihanna dancing in her sheer Swarovski Crystal dress that she wore to the 2014 CFDA awards. The singer had just won her Fashion Icon Award and was greeted backstage by a chorus of celebration when she too started celebrating with her usual style of dancing in her iconic, revealing dress.

Rihanna is inspirational, and it’s easy to believe that any woman would be inspired by her. While the island beauty often takes fashion risks and has sometimes expressed herself through a similar dance fashion, she has never done so tastelessly. The woman is a master of her craft. Some fans are rolling their eyes at Lizzo in the comments believing her post to be an excuse.

Most fans who reacted to Lizzo’s public reenactment of “Hustlers” were absolutely disgusted with the singer. It seems no one is easing up even following her Instagram revelation. “Dont bring Rihanna into this,” some fans retorted. “Rihanna would never sis,” another fan demanded. Other fans observed that the rapper doesn’t seem to get the point. “Time and place, that’s all we’re saying,” one fan put simply.

Lizzo is probably under a lot of pressure right now. Her response was probably not the best way to go, or maybe it made some people understand. Still, a majority of fans are displeased. Do you think she should apologize?

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