Is Vybz Kartel Affiliation The Reason Sikka Rymes Got Shot? Foota Hype Speak

Is Sikka Rymes affiliation with Vybz Kartel the reason he got shot. Foota Hype issued strong warning to the rising dancehall star.

Foota Hype issued a stern warning for Vybz Kartel’s protégé Sikka Rymes, following the deejays near-death experience on Sunday morning, when he was shot thrice in the upper body by unknown assailants, at a stoplight near the Sovereign Centre in St. Andrew. “Mi hear seh dem shoot up Sikka Rymes last night. Give thanks to di Almighty seh him nuh dead. Mi no know if him an nubaddy have nuttn. Mi no know di circumstances surrounding why him get shot; mi uh know if a stray shot; mi no know if a drive by; mi no know a wha,” the self-proclaimed viral king announced on his Instagram lie feed on Monday.

According to Foota Hype, he does not wish ill on any artiste regardless of their status and noted that he wishes Sikka Rymes a speedy recovery. “Hope yuh no get to vital hurt. Mi just hope seh yuh aright. Mi jus hope seh a no weh no organ deh an dem ting, so yuh wi come back a hundred percent. Plus is a yute weh diabetic like miself yah, so it hard fi heal an dem ting deh,” Foota said.

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