Ray J and pregnant wife Princess Love have ‘reconciled’

They seem to have found a way to make it work after publicly airing their grievances against each other earlier this week.

Ray J and Princess Love have reportedly ‘reconciled’ despite a war of words where she accused her husband of cheating with ‘escorts and strippers’ and leaving her stranded in Las Vegas with their daughter Melody.

The couple appeared to have split last week after she detailed being left behind in the desert with their 17-month-old little girl, to where he responded online that the scenario wasn’t true.

Sources told TMZ that the couple ⁠— who will welcome their second child into the world in a few weeks time ⁠— have realized they acted out of spite and let their emotions get the better of them, so have been spending time together again.

And the pair are also looking into the possibility of undergoing couples therapy together.

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