Fetty Wap’s Wife Says She Wanted A Divorce After Nine Days Of Marriage

Fetty Wap’s wife Leandra K. Gonzalez admits there has been problems between her and the rapper early in their marriage. In a now-deleted Instagram Story message, the Instagram model revealed that she asked for a divorce for the first time just a little over a week after they tied the knot. “I ASKED FOR A DIVORCE THE FIRST TIME 10/12 GOT MARRIED 10/3,” Leandra wrote.

In another post, she claimed she already knew the rapper was flaunting another woman in public, but she wasn’t bothered by it in the first place. “IT ORIGINALLY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE YOUNG LADY THIS MAN IS PARADING AROUND TOWN WITH. YALL DONT HAVE TO SEND ME ALL THESE PICS AND STUFF,” she claimed, assuring her followers, “IM GOOD…TRUST ME.”
Leandra’s latest post also revealed a confusing detail to the timeline of their relationship. The businesswoman previously said in September that she and the New Jersey star had got married in a private ceremony back in August, but now she said they swapped vows in October.

Nevertheless, the pair have been hinting at their troubled marriage since the beginning, with Leandra posting on Instagram Stories in late October, “When you grown, you don’t fear commitment, you fear wasting your time.”

Later in November, she Leandra posted a cryptic message about someone’s bad behavior that she couldn’t tolerate. Calling out the unnamed person, she additionally alleged that the person in question couldn’t get himself together.

Amid their marriage trouble, Fetty begged his wife to take him back. Leandra shared a screenshot of his desperate messages to her which read, “Please don’t give up on me … I only have you in my corner I will lose everything if I lose you. Please bae. I will nothing but peace and happiness. I will love you everyday for the rest of my life. I will never make this mistake again.”

“Please my wife don’t leave me,” he added. “I will do anything to show you that I’m really ready. I’m really in love with you and I will never choose anyone before you … I know you don’t wanna talk but I don’t wanna lose my wife. I did this and I take responsibility for my actions.”

But she didn’t seem to have any intention to stay in the marriage, further accusing him of abuse. In an Instagram video, she claimed he yelled at her to give her ring back six times in a month.

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