Comedian Flame Monroe Accuses Mo’Nique’s Husband Of Being Transgender

Comedian Flame Monroe doesn’t forget how Mo’Nique mocked her for being a transgender in the past. During her appearance on Fox Soul’s “The Tammi Mac Late Show”, Flame used the opportunity to rip into Mo’Nique as well as her husband of 13 years, Sidney Hicks.

When asked about who threated her the worst when she started her career as a comic, Flame explained to host Tammi, “Some women were very nasty. … At the time, there was another comedian who was famous at the time. Big name, big girl. Figure it out yourself this is a puzzle. Talked about fat jokes the entire time.”
She went on saying that John Monds wanted to hire her for a job back in 1999, Flame claimed that the female comedian refused to work with her. “The female comedian said, ‘Oh I can’t work with somebody with that lifestyle.’ Because she had so much power and stature–Black woman. John Monds called me two days later, I’m packing my house up to move to D.C. He said, ‘Flame, what did you do to Mo’Nique?’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘She threw you under the bus, she dogged you. She can’t work with your lifestyle,’ ” Flame continued.

Sharing that she was “devastated” at the time, Flame added, “I was like, ‘You don’t even know me.’ You haven’t sat down and had a conversation. But this is what you do? That crushed me at that time. I’ve never confronted her about that. She gon see this now.”

Flame later alluded that Mo’Nique’s husband Sidney is a member of LGBTQ community. “Here’s the funniest part: You tore me down for my lifestyle, and then turned around and married my lifestyle,” she said. “You’ve been knowing me all these years. Gay bashing don’t work with me. I’m from the West Side of Chicago.”
Then Tammi said that Flame shouldn’t be saying “what you don’t know,” but the latter responded, “Stevie Wonder can see that. The question is, who is daddy calling daddy?”

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