Wendy Williams ‘Mad’ And Disgusted After T.I. Admits To Checking Daughter’s Virginity

Wendy Williams is the latest celebrity who slams T.I. over his controversial comments about taking 18-year-old daughter Deyjah to gynecologist to check on her hymen. The TV personality weighed in on the issue in the latest episode of her show, “The Wendy Williams Show”.

“I’m mad at T.I.,” Wendy said on Thursday, November 7, adding that nearly her whole staff feels the same. “He’s got his daughter who’s 18 years old, right? by the way he’s got two 18 years olds. … Anyway, he got on his podcast and he said that he goes to gynecologist with her, at the time at each birthday she has, and sits there with the doctor and his daughter for the final result. You know why he’s there? To check her hymen, to see if she’s still a virgin.”
“I would feel violated at 18, even if it was my mom and I got along with her, much less my dad,” the 55-year-old host continued. “And so people were pissed. He was doing the podcast apparently, he sit there with two girls. But they were employed so they laughed along. … In the meantime, T.I. doesn’t mind his son King is having sex. And he talked about that on ‘The Family Hustle’.”

After agreeing to a comment calling Tip “disgusting,” Wendy pointed how Deyjah had to deal with bad comments on her Instagram account because apparently men were asking to “take her virginity.” She went on saying, “There has to be a certain amount of trust you have in your kids. When you’re 18, a lot of people are already having sex at 18. … I think the control he’s having on her is very sexist, but it’s fine for the young boy, but not for her.”

Wendy then suggested that Tip being protective was probably because he wanted to change his persona. “I think he’s trying to be a better man than what he’s represented in the past with the gun and going to jail,” she said. “T.I., back off your daughter with this. I don’t know what [his wife] Tiny [Tameka Cottle] says, but there’s nobody on social media who’s agreeing with him. … She’s old enough to drive herself to the GYN.”

The TV host also criticized the doctor for sharing the results with T.I., though the latter previously insisted his daughter sign a release.

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