Who Shot Ghost? Bow Wow And Other ‘Power’ Fans Shares Wild Theories

Power fans are in a frenzy after this week’s mid-season finale and even Bow Wow chimed in with a wild theory.

50 Cent’s hit drama series Power is in its final season and has been full of twists and turns leading up to Sunday’s mid-season finale. The show has killed off several main characters since returning for its final hoorah in late August, including media mogul La La Anthony’s character, Lakeisha Grant, how was murdered two weeks ago. 50 Cent and fellow executive producer Courtney Kemp have made it clear that no one is safe on the STARZ show, and fans just found out just how true that is after the main character, James “Ghost” St. Patrick, played by Omari Hardwick, was shot and likely killed at the end of episode 10.

The final scene shows several cast members walking towards what the audience is made to believe is Truth nightclub, where Ghost is closing up shop alone. Throughout the episode, St. Patrick made enemies out of pretty much everyone in his immediate circle, and they all are all left with motives to want him gone. Suddenly, the viewer hears a gunshot, and Ghost’s body is seen falling from an upstairs balcony inside the club with a bullet wound in his chest, leaving fans to guess who the shooter could be. The hashtag #whoshotGhost quickly went viral as viewers shared their theories on social media of which character pulled the trigger.

One of those fans that chimed in was Bow Wow, who shared his hypothesis in the “Who done it?” hysteria. He said he believes it was 50 Cent’s former character, Kanan, who was killed off last season, which makes it a pretty wild guess. “I think my bro fif not dead!,” Bow Wow said, pointing out a scene in Sunday’s episode where Kanan pops up as a ghost that only St. Patrick can see. But Bow Wow seems to think Kanan was actually alive and somehow faked his death. “THIS IS POWER. NO WAY THEY WILL MAKE IT EASY FOR US TO GUESS WHO DID IT,” he said.

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