Nicki Minaj Continues Trolling Wendy Williams After Vicious Clapback

Nicki Minaj is not holding back at all when it comes to trolling people, especially when they offend her with their comment. The latest person to fall victim to the rapper’s trolling was Wendy Williams, who recently slammed her husband Kenneth Petty on her “The Wendy Williams Show”.

Taking to her Twitter account, Nicki simply wrote, “Pendy.” This could be a reference to the running joke involving the talk show host, whom people thought was shaped like the letter P. Her followers couldn’t help but laugh at the nickname Nicki gave to her since they believed that the “Megatron” rapper was referring to the joke.
“LMAO BECAUSE WENDY SHAPED LIKE A P,” one wrote, as another said, “Stop now Nicki we heading into 2020 with positive vibes… leave Wendell and his P shape in 2019…just keep f***ing Kenny and give us siblings.” There was also one who commented, “YOU NEED TO STAHP DRAGGING.”

This arrives after Nicki clapped back Wendy for calling her “plastic” and labeling her husband “killer” on her talk show. “There’s no need for you to mention his past. Every time you mention him, you feel the need to bring these things up as well as something he was wrongfully accused of doing,” she said, before suggesting that Kevin Hunter’s affairs were Wendy’s karma for being mean.

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