Kesha: Beyonce Once Advised Me To Weed Out Snakes From My Life

Beyonce Knowles gave Ke$ha a little life-changing advice when the stars first met.

The “Tik Tok” singer has endured a difficult few years, dealing with an assault case she filed against music producer Dr. Luke, but she reveals it was “Run the World (Girls)” hitmaker Beyonce who inspired her to take an active role in taking charge of her life as she was struggling.
Speaking to The Face magazine about what happened when she met the superstar for the first time, Ke$ha gushed, “I’ve always been a fan, since day one – Destiny’s Child all the way. It was backstage and she was like an angel.”

“She said, ‘As soon as you know they’re snakes, weed ’em out’. So, I’ve just tried to listen to that advice. Sometimes it took a little longer for me to realize who around me was there for the right reasons or not. But I think I can safely say, as of right now, I am surrounded by really good people.”

The “Raising Hell” star added, “It may have taken a couple of years, but her advice was well received.”

Ke$ha is set to release her fourth album, “High Road”, in January 2020.

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