Chris Brown’s New Flaming Hairstyle Draws Negative Responses

There’s something different with Chris Brown’s hair now and everyone can easily notice it. The 30-year-old singer has just debuted his wild new look on Instagram, via his Instagram Stories and a post on his feed.

The “Beautiful People” hitmaker shared a snap of a backwards mirror seflie that showed his flaming new hairstyle. His new do features two different colors, with purple hair in the front and blond hair on the back. The blond hair is highlighted with red flames running up the back of his scalp.
The R&B star also posted a photo showing the backside of his head as he wore a Tuff Crowd jacket. Chris didn’t explain the inspiration behind his new hairstyle, but he appeared to make the bold transformation to mark the end of his “Indigoat Tour”, following its final show in Anaheim, CA on Saturday, October 19.
People have since weighed in on Chris’ new look and many are not fans of it. “Hell fuxking No,” one commented on his new hair. Another who doesn’t like it tells the singer, “Nah Chris this ain’t it.”

Others are worried that Chris’ wild new look is a sign of something else. “Ard (sic) Chris you going to far i this is a sign of depression,” one asked. Another concerned fan remarked, “Chris brown better not be back on crack.”

Some others think that Chris is free to do anything with his hair. “This ain’t it but when u rich and famous you can get away w anythinv,” one commented. Another agreed, adding, “Yes tf he chris brown he can do whatever tf he want.”

Another user, meanwhile, thinks that Chris “looks good with anything.”
His new look aside, Chris recently took to his Instagram Stories to announce that he will be having a yard sale at his house for three days. He said that he would be selling items from famous brands like Balenciaga, GUCCI and others for just around $200. Info about the dates will be announced later.

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