Azealia Banks Urges Fan To ‘Shut Up’ In Lengthy Instagram Clap Back

Azealia Banks is at it again. The controversial rapper/singer will not stay quiet after a fan on Instagram criticized her and told her to “shut up” in a comment.

“So talented! I just wish she would shut up and be dips,” the user wrote, much to Azealia’s dismay. It didn’t take long for the “Anna Wintour” rapper to hit back at him in a super lengthy reply which read, “I wish you would all shut up too! Its really hard to focus and concentrate when the internet allows non ARTISTS and people with zero talent to have an opinion about anything.”

“If this were the 90’s things would be much better but the internet honestly gives the audience too much credit and allows for this sense of entitlement that makes me bitter and not want to do s**t,” she continued writing. “If you really want me to shut up….. you have to shut up first! Realize that this only works one way.”

Azealia went on saying, “EYE have to WANT to create. Music doesn’t come from me just because you demand it. Once you understand how you as an audience member need to stay in your place, stay in your seat, be quiet, and not disturb the show on stage THEN….. azealia Banks will be the goody two shoes world whide phenom you want her to be. So long as you are all taking s**t and mking this miserable… it won’t happen. Hope this helps.”

Posting a screencap of her response in a separate post, Azealia wrote in the caption, “A message. This isnt getting deleted. I need the world to shut up. Even just for a year. Give me a year of not having to hear you nag and things will change drastically.”

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