Cannon says he won’t get married again unless it’s with Mariah

Nick Cannon will not be walking down the altar any longer after his marriage to Mariah Carey. Making an appearance in the latest episode of T.I.’s podcast “ExpediTIously”, the rapper and TV host discussed romance and admitted that he had lost interest in exchanging vows with another woman beside Mariah for the remainder of his life.

Revealing the reason to the “No Mediocre” rapper, Nick said, “I knew I would never get married again once I stepped away from that. That construct is not designed for me. I gave it my all because, even before that, I didn’t believe in marriage.” He, however, added, “It was Mariah Carey. Whatever she say, I’m with it! If I’ma marry somebody, I’ma marry her.”

Nick and Mariah got married on her private island in the Bahamas in April 2008 after only six weeks of dating. The then-couple, who shares twins Moroccan and Monroe, separated in 2014 with their divorce being finalized in November 2016. The two appeared to split amicably and have managed to co-parent their twins for years without any issues.

During his interview with T.I., Nick also mentioned his split from the Queen of Christmas, stressing that their breakup did not have anything to do with infidelity. “The reason why we split up, it had nothing to do with infidelity or anything like that,” he said, without mentioning the real reason why the two decided to end their 8-year marriage.

Elsewhere in the episode, Nick and T.I. also talked about polyamorous dating, with the former admitting that kind of dating is not for him. “I respect a polyamorous situation, but me personally – that’s too much of a construct with too many rules in it. I don’t wanna answer to nobody! I don’t want 5 or 6 I wanna be my goddamn self!” he said.

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