Kevin Hart preparing to face lawsuit for car accident

Kevin Hart is lawyering up following his nasty car crash. The comedian, who suffered multiple spinal injuries in the accident, is reportedly preparing for a lawsuit which is likely to be filed by the driver and the second passenger in the accident against him.

The other two victims in the car crash could blame the 40-year-old funnyman for not equipping his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda with the necessary safety features, including safety harnesses and airbags. According to TMZ, the other two victims may argue that Kevin, as the owner of the car, should have worried less about keeping the car authentic and more about safety. By not doing so, he might have committed negligence.

Kevin, however, could blame the company which built his car for the accident. As the expert, the company should have insisted on installing safety harnesses or refused the job if Kevin wanted a custom job without the safety features, because it wasn’t safe.

The driver could also be held responsible for the accident, but it should wait for the result of the CHP’s investigation on what caused the crash.

Meanwhile, following Kevin car crash, the CHP may now take an action to lobby the California State Legislature to prohibit custom car companies from producing cars without harnesses regardless of the customers’ request.

Kevin Hart underwent surgery to fix his spine, which reportedly fractured in three places. He was released from the hospital on Wednesday, September 11, ten days after the car crash. He returned home last week after spending several days at an in-patient rehab facility to rehab the major back injuries. He’s still receiving intensive physical therapy, though.

The driver, Kevin’s friend Jared Black, was also severely injured in the accident. Meanwhile, his fiancee Rebecca Broxterman, who sat in the backseat, suffered “minor” injuries.

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