Justin Bieber sparks gay speculation after accusing Pastor Rich Wilkerson of cheating

Justin Bieber has apparently had a fallout with another of his pastors. The Canadian pop star has reportedly blasted Pastor Rich Wilkerson, alleging him of cheating in a comment on the pastor’s recent Instagram post.

Pastor Rich depicted a happy family as he shared a picture of his pregnant wife and his son, who was beaming with joy as his father held him on his lap. The pastor captioned it, “This how our family feels about @vouschurch tomorrow. Hope you can make it. Preaching a new message all day called ‘Waiting on the Call.’ “

Justin allegedly wrote a comment which read, “U are a heathen, a hypocrite and an adulterer at heart,” but the comment has disappeared. After a screengrab of the comment has surfaced online, many have been speculating about the pop star’s relationship with the rapper.

As the “Baby” hitmaker sounded like a disgruntled ex, some people couldn’t help thinking that he and the pastor were gay lovers. “Yeah they were gay,” one suggested. Another guessed, “Why do I feel like the pastor cheated on his wife with Justin.” A confused fan also asked, “Did he leave Justin & go back to his wife? Is that what’s happening? Is that why he’s really mad!”

Some others speculated about what went wrong between Justin and Pastor Rich. “Justin doesn’t want to have an official wedding party but he is being pressured to do it by his pastors. If the pastor is a cheater and yet is trying to shame Justin because he hasn’t had a wedding party then that could explain why Justin is lashing out like this,” one shared his/her theory.

Others were not surprised by the pastor’s alleged adultery. One commenter said, “Most of these pastors and other religious leaders are out here cheating and womanizing. The bigger the church, the more women to f**k.”

Rich isn’t the only pastor who has been reported to have a broken relationship with Justin. Carl Lentz, the pastor at the Hillsong church which the singer regularly attends, hesitated to congratulate Justin on his engagement to Hailey Baldwin back in 2018 allegedly because the two had had a major falling out. According to TMZ, the 25-year-old singer was angry at Carl for an unknown reason and broke ties with the pastor.

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