Sean Paul looks back on career in “A Life In Riddims” documentary

Sean Paul is without a doubt been one of the biggest Dancehall superstars Jamaica has ever produced, and the deejay recently spoke on his incredible career during a telling interview.

The “Gimmi Di Light” star recently sat down for an intriguing interview with Yasmin Evans for BBC Radio 1Xtra where he spoke on his phenomenal journey in the entertainment industry.

The international superstar, whose real name is Sean Paul Francis Henriques, has racked up countless hits in his over two-decade-long music career.

During the interview, the deejay spoke on his meteoric rise to international superstardom all began, detailing how his first smash hit “Gimmi Di Light” came about.

According to the deejay, the idea for the song came about from his experiences while in nightclubs in New York where random fans would buy him bottles while declaring him as the “baddest.”

He reveals it was a lifestyle he wasn’t used to in Jamaica, being celebrated in such a manner, which inspired him to pen the now iconic lyrics “Just gimme the light and pass the dro, Buss anotha bokkle a moe.”

In the documentary, Sean Paul recalls how Dancehall was produced back in the 90’s, with dozens of artistes hoping on the same riddim and expressing themselves in different ways.

“When you hear a riddim that you really like, and there are different projections on it, some talking bout girl, some talking bout party, some talking bout King Selassie and you’re getting all these meditations from this and you can ask any Jamaican DJ or rapper how they come up with those lyrics and is the riddim tell you. So it’s so interesting, it tells you how to flow on it, and it tells you what you must say on it,” he said.

The documentary would further go on to highlight the deejay’s many contributions to the genre, with several fans and fellow entertainers speaking on the deejay’s greatness.

One fan went on to praise the deejay’s ability to break barriers, managing to cross over into mainstream markets where many of his contemporaries struggled.

To this, the deejay humbly explained “It’s the language. I can speak in a little tongue that is easier to understand.”

Although he has enjoyed a massively successful career the deejay claims he did not always know some of his biggest hits including “Get Busy” and “Like Glue” would be so huge.

He says that although he was confident they would become certified club bangers he never dreamed they would actually catapult him to a Grammy win and countless other accolades.

Over the years Sean Paul has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Beyonce, Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Sia and countless others.

In 2019 Sean Paul managed to score yet another massive international hit with his “Boasty” collaboration with Wiley, Stefflon Don and British actor turned rapper Idris Elba.

Watch the full documentary below.

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