Bigger guns, faster cars and funnier jokes are all in the ‘Bad Boys 3’ trailer

It’s been 16 years since fans last caught up with Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, and after several false starts, moviegoers were thrilled to learn Will Smith and Martin Lawrence would reprise their roles as the hilarious cop duo in the Bad Boys franchise.

While both men are still trying to keep Miami’s streets safe, the trailer for the forthcoming Bad Boys For Life shows they’re also still getting on one another’s nerves. Burnett has opted for a peaceful, more holistic approach to law enforcement. Lowrey’s shoot- first-ask-questions-later tactic continues to make his partner’s blood pressure rise.

In what is being promoted as the final installment of the action-comedy franchise, Burnett is ready to retire. He’s done chasing bad guys and getting shot at. Pretty boy Lowrey, however, is showing no signs of slowing or settling down.

Before Burnett taps out for good this time, he and Lowrey are tasked with one last case. While the premise isn’t clear in the two-minute trailer, directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have incorporated countless fight scenes, Lowrey driving his cobalt blue Ferrari through a mall, dead bodies, drugs, and other high-flying stunts sure to make up for the lost time.

Bad Boys For Life rolls into theatres January 7, 2020, and just a head’s up, Burnett still doesn’t know the words to the song.


Watch the trailer below.

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