CB better than MJ to me now says 50

Michael Jackson earned the title “The King of Pop” for his countless bops and showstopping performances. However, in life, a changing of the guards commence and a new ruler must take the throne. For some, that new entertainer is Beyonce, for 50 Cent, it’s Chris Brown.

The Power actor and executive producer disabled his Instagram account Saturday (Sept. 1) after growing weary due to the overt criticism surrounding the remixed version of the theme song. (The newest one features Trey Songz, while the one most loved by fans features R&B heavyweight Joe.)

Yet prior to saying sayonara to social media, Mr. Jackson posted a picture of Brown’s status which shows he’s the seventh best-selling singles artist of all time after selling 69.5 million singles in the U.S, with the bold personal assertion: “CB better then MJ to me now.”

Mr. Jackson even took a shot at Jackson by referencing the late singer’s alleged child molestation claims.

“I can’t believe Mike wanted to touch the little boy’s booty,” 50 captioned. “What the f–k man?”

The comment merited ire from Jackson fans who quickly retailed with comments of their own, including their dislike for the new Power theme song.

Mr. Jackson has never shied away from controversy, in fact, he’s reveled in it. Whether Brown is better than Jackson is a matter of opinion to many. However, 50 Cent isn’t the first one to make this comparison.

What say you? Is Chris Brown the new rightful King of Pop or is 50 Cent just being a troll? Sound off in the comments below.

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