Nailah Blackman goes beyond soca with new EP

Nailah Blackman is dropping two new singles from her upcoming debut EP, The Reel. Stopping by The Fun Factory Show on 98.1 with Anderson “DJ Timeless” Birch, she revealed that she wanted to show her fans that she can do other types of music outside of soca.

An exciting new voice on the soca scene, Blackman is the granddaughter of the genre’s founder, Garfield Blackman, aka Ras Shorty I. She’s celebrated for songs like Sokah and Iron Love, where she brings the music back to its roots while still mixing it up with Afrobeat, folk, calypso, swing, EDM, dancehall and pop influences on songs like Baddishh, O Lawd Oye, Dame Lorraine and Birthday Song.

She is set to perform this Friday at Marzville’s show “A Trip To Marz” at Kensington Oval.

Take a listen to the interview below:

DJ Timeless chats with Nailah Blackman

While The Reel, which drops August 23, will take Blackman furthest from her roots, she won’t stray for too long. The recording artiste has already started working on a follow-up EP, which she plans to drop in March immediately after Trinidad’s Carnival 2020.

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