Kylie Jenner accused of copying Rihanna with leopard-print catsuit

If Kim Kardashian has always been accused of copying Naomi Campbell’s look, it’s not the same for her sister Kylie Jenner. In the mother of one’s case, she often gets called out for allegedly copying Rihanna’s look and her recent Instagram post just made the backlash get worse than it already is.

Taking to the photo-sharing site, Kylie posted a couple of mirror selfies of herself wearing a sheer leopard-print catsuit by LaQuann Smith. The post looked normal at first, until people started to notice that it was the same outfit that Rih wore during a photo shoot for Interview magazine. The only difference was that the Barbadian singer additionally rocked a matching fur stole and several accessories.

Still, it didn’t stop social media users from blasting Kylie, with many urging her to stop “disrespecting” Rih. “Everything Rihanna do… they copy. It’s like they’re not ashame of it. Which is mad weird!” someone said, while one other deemed the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star “uncultured.” There was also one who wrote, “Kardashian slavishly copies black culture, part 276 of 5,672,314.”

Meanwhile, another pointed out, “Rihanna is Kylie’s biggest inspiration to copy. Get it honey.” Someone else noted, “So basically she wants to emulate RiRi so badly it’s beginning to get creepy,” while one commented, “Like Kylie could ever compete with Rihanna.”

The backlash aside, Kylie posted the picture to promote her Kylie Comestics’ Under the Sea collection. It consists of two newly formulated Lip Kits, with white holographic covers, three lipsticks, four Shimmer Eye Glazes, one High Gloss and a Pressed Powder Palette. The palette has 12 shades, eight shimmer and four matte such as nude and brown shades.

Packaged in a shell shaped case, her new cosmetics line has since been available to shop on Kylie Cosmetics’ website starting from July 10.

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