Mr Vegas finally receives high school diploma after dropping out at Grade 9

Congratulations are in order for Mr Vegas who finally received his High School diploma.

The veteran recording artiste failed to graduate secondary school in Jamaica after he dropped out at Grade nine. However according to Mr Vegas, this year he decided that he would be going to go back to school and pass his General Educational Development tests (GED).

“I did not graduate high school, i dropped out at the start of nine grade. I did not have a High School diploma,” he said in a video. “At the start of this year i set out to achieve some goals, one of my goals was to get my High School diploma,” Vegas continued before showing his certificate.

The “Heads High” deejay said it took him three months to get his GED, a process which normally takes five years, “It was a lot of studying, a lot of hard work, a lot of applying self to achieve this goal.”

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