BET Awards ratings were low, and Nicki Minaj was delighted

The ratings for the 2019 BET Awards have been announced, and they appear to be much lower than previous years. While this is nothing to celebrate for the executives over at BET, there is one person who seems to be unbothered: Nicki Minaj. The rapper took to social media on Thursday (June 27) where she responded to the rating reports.

According to data, this year’s awards ceremony brought in two million viewers, which is less than half of its 2018 viewers. Furthermore, the 2019 ratings appear to be the lowest the network has experienced in the past 13 years. Minaj seemingly suggested that the poor ratings were a result of a few things in particular.

“When u go out of ur way to b spiteful & hurt artists who have always supported ur show,” she tweeted. “When you fire great ppl who have put their heart & soul into the show… when you’d rather be a messy reality show than a prestigious award show… when ur still being dragged by that lace.”

Minaj’s tweet is referring to a brief spat she had with BET at the top of this year after the company’s Twitter account posted an article with an unfavorable caption that pit Minaj against Cardi B. The caption also alluded to Minaj “getting dragged by her lace front.”

As a result, Minaj announced that she would be pulling her support, as well as Young Money’s, from the BET Experience, and would no longer appear at the awards show.

So, in the end, it appears Nicki got the last laugh. See her tweet below.

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