Big Bang Theory’s WhatsApp group is still going strong

After 12 years together, it seems that it’s not that easy to just let go of their on-screen besties and they’ve been making sure they are keeping tabs on what everyone’s up to next. However, the content doesn’t seem to be particularly ground-breaking – rather they’re just missing seeing each other day-to-day. Speaking to ET Online at Variety’s Power of Pride event, he said: ‘We’re not talking about anything out of the ordinary yet! ‘We’re still texting about stupid day-to-day stuff, and that’s another thing that will be interesting as time goes by. ‘It’s like anything else in life when you can’t imagine how it’s going to be until you get there.’

Awwww you guys! Jim has been keeping himself busy after the end of the show, moving to New York and working on new show, Boys in the Band. On top of that he executive produced Netflix show Special, which was highly praised for its groundbreaking premise about a gay man with cerebral palsy.

However, despite being the one to pull the plug and leave Big Bang Theory, marking the end of the show, Jim admits that the reality of the 12 year stint being over hasn’t quite set in yet. On his decision to leave the role of Sheldon Cooper, Jim explained to Variety’s Power Of Pride issue that it came down to just knowing when to let something go. He said: ‘I played the s**t out of that character, and some people could have done it longer probably — I don’t mean our show, but this relationship with the character.

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