Dwayne Wade

Dwyane Wade to release memoir in October

Now that he’s retired, Dwyane Wade has decided to pick up the pen to write his forthcoming memoir titled 3 Dimensional, Associated Press reports. The news site states the book will focus on the former Miami Heat basketball player’s life story and pro-accomplishments.

The literary revelation follows the 2012 release of Wade’s A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball. The AP notes the forthcoming “memoir-in-photos” will depict Wade’s “rollercoaster journey” and highlight his storied NBA career. In an interview with ESPN, the father-of-three said he plans to go to therapy to handle life off the hardwood.

“This is what I know, like, my life has been this. it’s not all that I am, of course, but this is the main part of it. From the standpoint of it makes everything work. I told my wife, I said, I need to do therapy and we need to do a little bit,” he said. “I was always against someone that don’t know me telling me how to live my life or giving me instructions. But I need someone to talk to about it. Because it is a big change. Even though I got a long life to live, other great things I can accomplish and do, it’s not this. So it’s going to be different.”

3 Dimensional will hit the market on Oct. 22.

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