Madonna loses appeal to stop sale of breakup letter from Tupac

Madonna just lost an appeal to shut down the sale of an old breakup letter that Tupac wrote to the singer from jail.

A judge made the ruling in a court hearing on Tuesday (June 4). According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ, a New York State appeals court ruled Madonna can’t pursue claims against art consultant Darlene Lutz or, the online auction house, to stop the sale of Tupac’s letter.

The appeal stems from Madonna’s 2018 lawsuit, in which attempted to stop the sale of the letter. In the handwritten breakup letter, Tupac confessed that he ended his sexual relationship with Madonna because she’s white. A judge previously tossed the case, citing a release that the singer signed in 2004. The appellate court upheld the judge’s ruling in a 5-0 decision.

Tupac’s letter will officially be up for auction in July 2019.

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