Nipsey & Puma

Puma to debut “charity activations” to further Nipsey’s community efforts

On the roster of Nipsey Hussle’s many business endeavors, Puma was one of the many highlights when the athletic brand inked a collaborative deal with the late rapper in 2018. The partnership will reportedly be released in Fall 2019.

During the Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival, Puma’s brand and marketing global director Adam Petrick said that the company will continue to work with Hussle’s estate to further his legacy. “We had a lot of things that were coming, and hopefully a lot of things we will still do with his estate,” Petrick said per The Root. “We’ll work with his family and we’ll support his kids. We’re going to continue to release some product that we’ve created with him. We’ve also got some charity activations that we’ll do to support what he was doing in Crenshaw, and trying to continue the work that he was doing through his foundation.”

Hussle’s investments within underserved areas in California remained part of his mission as an entrepreneur, a feat that began when he decided to explore the route of an independent artist, Andreessen Horowitz of the Cultural Leadership Fund said. “[Nipsey] was not trying to be independent just for the sake of it, but thinking about the benefits of being an independent artist,” Horowitz said per Forbes. “The most important thing is his ability to just see where future trends are going and not being afraid to pioneer.”

In a 2017 interview with Billboard, the “Racks In The Middle” rapper discussed his vision for The Marathon Clothing store and how the brand can live outside of a retail space.

“The goal is to be an urban Sanrio — Sanrio is a five billion dollar company. These are content characters that exist in the screen first and real world products were created around it,” Hussle said. “Disney is the same example. All of these cartoon characters existed first as content. Disneyland is the world and it’s surrounded by products. We haven’t seen brands that have been created through content. Just like Sanrio, just like Disney, just like Knotts, whichever amusement parks that owns the characters to Snoopy. We haven’t seen that in hip-hop. We haven’t seen someone create a real world place where the brand lives, and there’s products.”

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