Andre 3000

Andre 3000’s son shocks fans as he looks identical to rapper

Andre 3000 is one of Hip Hop’s most loved rappers. The OutKast star has also gone on to have a successful acting career too, but in the middle of all that he also found time to start a family with former partner and fellow music star Erykah Badu.

Well 21 years after the pair’s son Seven Sirius Benjamin was born, fans have shared their shock after he appeared in a new video with Badu looking pretty much identical to his rapper father.

Whilst the video above shows Erykah Badu and her son Seven enjoying some Lil Yachty in the car, what people couldn’t get over was just how much the 21-year-old looked like his father Andre 3000.

Plenty of faces faces shared their shock too, with The Internet’s Syd writing ‘he look n sound JUST like his dad’ whilst Tyrese added ‘Look just like 3stacks’.

But what do you think? Given that Andre 3000 is his dad, should we be surprised that Seven looks so much like his dad or is it shocking just how identical the pair are?

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