50 Cent rips Lord Jamar for dragging Eminem and dissing his rap

50 Cent is adding a new celebrity to the list of people he’s feuding with. The rapper recently came at rapper Lord Jamar after the latter dissed Eminem in his recent interview with RapMatic.

Lord Jamar said that the “Rap God” spitter wasn’t in the rap game anymore, adding that no one listened to his music. “My thing about Eminem and all that, and I hate bringing his fking name up–my thing about this mothafka is you can’t crown somebody king and circumvent the true kingdom,” he said. “Like, white people will crown Eminem king because he sold the most records out of all rappers. But, when we go into everyday life of black people, people who are the originators of this st, we don’t f*ing listen to Eminem.”

“We don’t listen to Eminem,” Lord Jamar continued blasting Slim Shady. “If you’re talking about smacking your mother and taking pharmaceutical pills and the s**t that doesn’t resonate with me, why do I care how good you can rap?”

While Eminem has yet to respond to the diss, 50 Cent jumped to his defense and took a jab at Lord Jamar on his Instagram post. “Lord Jerome better sit his adown, I thought you died already Na,” he wrote in the post alongside a photo of Lord Jamar with “Cloud chasing” written over it. “Get the fk outta here you ain’t Grand Puba anyway. I’m gonna need a bum a** na in one of my shows.I’ll be reaching out shortly.”

50 Cent added, “That n***a Jerome musta smoked a bad batch.”

Lord Jamar and Em have been feuding for a few years. The former previously called the latter a “guest in the house of hip-hop” back in a 2013 VladTV interview. Five years later, Em responded with diss track “Kamikaze” which saw him rapping, “And as far as Lord Jamar, you better leave me the hell alone/ Or I’ll show you an Elvis clone/ Walk up in this house you own/ See, I’m a chess player, OK? If he didn’t respond, I win. And if he responds, I win. Either way, I win, OK?”

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