Beyoncé helps Netflix achieve streaming milestone

Beyoncé is a music industry icon, not solely because of her artistry but also due to the influence she carries around the world. Her Homecoming concert film on Netflix is a direct example of this. The documentary not only gave the BeyHive an inside look at how dedicated their “fave” is but it also helped Netflix reach a milestone that may not have been possible without Queen Bey herself.

As disclosed by Fast Company, the streaming giant revealed new data about their viewers that they received from Nielsen, the streaming videos rating service, and it’s more than they could have hoped for. Beyoncé’s Homecoming raked in 1.1 million U.S. watchers in the first day, and 55 percent of the viewers were African-American which is record-breaking for Netflix. Prior to that, the movie that brought in a substantial amount of African-American watchers was Bird Box at 24 percent.

This isn’t the only accomplishment that Mrs. Carter helped the streaming platform achieve. Netflix also reports that the audience for the film was 70 percent female, higher than the women-led show, Orange is the New Black.

These record-breaking ratings are definitely vital for Netflix’s future as a streaming giant, especially with the recent news of Disney buying out Netflix’s main competition, Hulu. Content like Beyoncé’s concert film gives Netflix the upper hand in the competitive streaming world, and it’ll surely keep other competitors on their toes.

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